Our Values

Forum for Social Transformation is a network of people (and organizations). As part of our mission, which encourages the poor, the excluded and the victims of conflict and discrimination, we have to be inclusive and value diversity in everything we do. So we have adopted the following values.
  1. A commitment to learning and sharing learning:
    Learning helps us be more effective in our chosen field, and sharing the learning promotes positive system change.
  2. A focus on the person, not just the organization (or office) in our membership:
    Over time, we may vary our focus in our work, or take on new roles – but whatever we are doing we bring all of our experience and knowledge to each role.
  3. Keeping the network flexible and adaptable:
    This enables members to engage in the way that works best for them and allows the network to respond rapidly to new opportunities or challenges faced by its members.
  4. Valuing the role of the faith sector:
    Recognizing its role in the social fabric in our communities, both in engagement and moral teaching.
  5. Recognizing the power of partnerships, specially cross-sector and transnational:
    Such partnerships are more challenging as different cultures and mindsets come together but can be much more effective in both delivery and scale.
  6. Generosity and reciprocity:
    We step outside the monetary model of social action and seek to build long-term relationships of trust and mutual respect. We want to make it easy for new members to join.
  7. Non-hierarchical:
    We value every member and their contributions, irrespective of size and budget. The founding members play a coordinating and facilitative role, not one of control.