About us

FST is a platform with a goal to transform communities and countries in the Balkans and Eastern Europe through innovative educational programmes and initiatives of individuals and organisations.

FST was established by: 1) Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI), a Bulgarian-based NGO, 3) Beginning of Life, a Moldovan NGO, and 3) The Shaftesbury Partnership, based in the UK, as a result of merged ideas of Chris Mould and Vladimir Ubeivolc, which were supported and developed by their colleagues: Annette Glaw, Serghei Mihailov, Patrick Shine and Ruslan Stanga.

For more information on the organisations please visit the Partner Organisations page and to learn more about the members, visit the Meet the team page.

The Forum for Social Transformation focuses particularly on Social Transformation in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. This region has a shared history of communism, Orthodox Church and Ottoman past, which informs the context, the nature of society today and its challenges, and norms of public life and social action.